Barefoot Sandals

... at the Pool, the Beach, Parties, Shopping, or just for Lounging Around !

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.....Why wear... Barefoot Sandals

| Barefoot Sandals
| Ordinary Sandals
Are an elegant fashion accessory for your feet. Easy to wear ...

Classy foot decor when it's ...
A wedding on the sand
Dinner with wine
A trip to the beach
Exotic dancing
Impromptu brunch
An afternoon by the pool
A boat cruise
Spending time with your girlfriends

Party ... Party

Fun for your feet
Comfortable and
Sexy Too !

14 colors; 3 styles
Able to coordinate with any outfit
Womens' and girls' sizes

They're ... everywhere !

They can hurt your feet
you can twist an ankle ...
you can trip on steps ...

Face it ..... ... Flip Flops
... and they,

Don't provide support
- - Clunky
* * 
Slap slappy sounds
Float away in the water
They slip off your feet easily

and ...

They just aren't very COOL ...

Why wear boring old sandals when you can wear Barefoot Sandals!

Barefoot Sandals ~Trade Marked by Peggy Gallagher Enterprises, 111 NE 48 Street Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 33334

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