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Our History ...

I felt an "inner tug" when I pulled a pair of silver crocheted sandals out of my fun bag.

Little did I know that "Barefoot Sandals by Peggy" would be such a creative, fulfilling adventure. Years ago, mom had made a pair and when I was visiting in the summer of 1997 I learned how to make them. Then my sisters, Annie and Katie, were on the beach of our lake home in Wisconsin, and we came up with the AK model - figuring "less was more". The Jana design was also birthed that day.

Even my dad thought they were neat, so I knew I was on to something! Since then I have been encouraged and supported by so many people - TJB, JLG, my family, friends, and the universe in general.

An angel named Chi Wah crochets beautifully. Mom has blessed each one she's touched, (me too!). Each pair is handmade with care and love.

I trust you are also following your lead. Namaste.

Please contact us with your questions or comments, we love to hear about where and when you wore our Barefoot Sandals. Our newsletter will be out soon too, so signup for your copy.







Why wear boring old sandals when you can wear Barefoot Sandals!

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