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... at the pool, the beach, parties, or just lounging around !

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Our Mission ...

Enhance the lives of our clients, and the Barefoot Sandals Team, by developing quality products and delivering them at an agreeable price in a timely manner.

To continue to strive for Barefoot Sandals to be the kind of product we can be proud of creating and providing.

But most of all, we will maintain a workplace that encourages a fun and uplifting environment.

We hope that as you relax while wearing Barefoot Sandals, you'll often enjoy the glances of others, and you will see that our (your) sandals are responsible for causing smiles. You might also gain an inner peace knowing we truly enjoyed creating each of our Barefoot Sandals.

Made with love and caring ...

I trust you are also following your lead.


Peggy Gallagher




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